Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online 1.0

Star Trek Online is a massively multiplayer online role playing game

Star Trek Online is a massively multiplayer online role playing game in the Star Trek universe. Not only do you have a fully customizable character with special abilities and skills, you also have a fully customizable space ship which has many different weapons and skills. Basically, with Star Trek Online you get two games combined into one.

You can choose between many races within the Star Trek universe when creating a character, all of which have different skills and abilities. The character creation process is fun and you can fully customize every aspect. Here you can also name your ship which can also be set later on in the game. At first you can only choose races from the Federation, but after you reach the 25th level you will unlock the Klingon Empire races.

When you enter the game, the first missions you will receive act as tutorials but they are one of the main components of the storyline. You are an officer on a ship when you get news that other ships are under attack and you are beamed to them in an effort to help them. After helping that ship you receive news that your ship was under attack and that they need you back there. You beam back to your own ship only to find out that you are the highest ranking remaining officer and that you are now captain of that ship. After you complete the mission, the ship is yours and you can customize it as you want, with everything ranging from the shape of the ship to the uniforms your crew has to wear. You are also in charge of recruit new officers to aid your ship. Each officer will level up independently depending on how much he is used. Your ship is like a side character in Star Trek Online, it also has weapons, armor, engines and abilities.

The leveling up is exactly like every other MMO game, you have to complete missions and destroy enemies to receive experience. You get a limited amount of points when you level up and you can spend them on various skills.

The combat system is very well done in both the space and player modes. The space combat relies more on positioning and tactics because it is slower and takes longer. The player combat is very fast and similar to other MMO games, you click on the target and attack him or use abilities on him. The difference between Star Trek Online and other MMO games is that here you have sidekicks which are members of your crew that will help you and fight at your side. When beaming down to the combat zone you can choose which officers you take with you.

The graphics are outstanding, they are also very well optimized with low requirements and a high performance. The artwork is from the Star Trek universe and the developers have truly expanded on it as well as bringing every familiar setting into the game. The sound effects are also outstanding with the tutorial being narrated by the actor Leonard Nimoy who plays Spock in the original Star Trek series.

Dennis Niels
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  • Exceptionally good gameplay in both player and spaceship combat
  • Good graphics
  • Character and ship are very customizable
  • Very high player base


  • None
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